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The Local Butcher is a full service butcher shop providing Denver residents with Colorado raised, choice and prime beef, aged a minimum of 21 days for tenderness and flavor. Additionally, we carry a variety of pork, lamb, and poultry, as well as a plethora of homemade sausages.  With two locations, we have grown our ability to meat (get it) our customers needs.  While we offer our staple meats at both locations, if you visit us inside the Denver Central Market you can also sample some of our delicious smoked brisket, pulled pork, or baby back ribs or get down on the famous Mom’s Meatball Sandwich.   Fancy some deli meats, charcuterie, or cheese, pop over to our location in Park Hill at Oneida Park, where we have a full service deli and a huge selection of dry good products to accompany our LARGE selection of raw meats.


Our Story

Our Values

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality meats, sourced from trusted suppliers and expertly prepared by our skilled team to guarantee an exceptional experience for our customers.


We are committed to reducing waste by responsibly sourcing and utilizing every part of the animal, promoting sustainability, and minimizing our environmental footprint.

Limited Waste

We take pride in our extensive variety of premium cuts and specialty products, ensuring that every customer can find the perfect choice to suit their unique taste and culinary preferences.


At The Local Butcher, we believe what we consume drives how we feel and having the best products available is of the utmost importance. With a focus on food education, we pride ourselves on assisting our customers with not only preparation methods, but also multiple options for recipes and an understanding of whole animal butchery. When someone chooses to shop at a butcher shop they are investing more energy in a specific food item, meat, because they understand the importance of a higher quality.

Our Philisophy

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